Ashtanga Yoga, The Primary Series – Yoga Chikitsa

By Gérald Disse & Linda Munro

Practices to unlock our inner intelligence for bringing about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health!

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Yoga Chikitsa is the Sanskrit name of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, and it means “yoga therapy.” With both Linda and Gerald coming to Ashtanga from unhealthy places, they wanted to expand and clarify the healing aspects of Ashtanga. They fully believe in the capacity for this practice to heal. 

They wish to share all the teachings they have been blessed with over the years in a way that can be approached by a full range of people. Sometimes people think that they are not flexible enough, young enough, strong enough or thin; Linda and Gerald’s aim is to demonstrate that Ashtanga can be approached by almost anyone and in a way that will only cause healing.

You will find every Primary Series pose detailed in a way that gives everyone a direction in which to work. There are instructions to do the full version of the pose in addition to variations. Unique to this Ashtanga book is “how not to do the pose” and the contraindications or ways to modify if one is injured. It’s an ideal reference for beginner and experienced practitioners alike!

This book is full of rich, inspiring text to inspire you on your path of yoga, including how to apply the Yoga Sutras and the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga to your daily life, on and off the yoga mat. Linda and Gerald’s path is to serve; they humbly hope that this book will serve the Ashtanga Yoga Community!

Notre livre en français, aux éditions La Plage, est en vente dans les grandes librairies (Fnac, Amazon, BHV, etc) et sur notre boutique en ligne !

Laissez-vous guider dans l’enchaînement des postures de la première série par :
• des pas-à-pas précis et richement illustrés ;
• des focus sur la respiration, la direction du regard…
• des variantes pour adapter la série à son niveau ;
• l’enregistrement audio intégral des consignes de la première série.

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"Linda and Gerald's presentation of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga is colorful, rich with information and accessible. Their instructions are precise and clear with focus on mindfulness and safety. The photos are beautiful and their compassionate insights are sprinkled throughout the text. This book is a wonderful asset to anyone interested in learning more about this beautiful and dynamic system of yoga."
David Swenson
Author of Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual
"Thank you, Gerald and Linda, for sharing your life stories and experiences of practicing and studying yoga. You have done a very nice work. It is easy to read, entertaining and informative and will be a useful companion to any who have a keen interest to learn Ashtanga Yoga! It is a welcome addition to what is available. It will surely become a useful guide, helping students navigate the development of this practice in a way that is effective, safe and enjoyable. Well done!"
Chuck Miller
Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
"This friendly and smart book on the healing yoga system of Ashtanga Yoga is a gem that expertly teaches you how to take up this discipline of yoga. You are guided through a step-by-step learning process that teaches you a system of 'moving meditation.' You'll learn to build your own yoga practice that gives you more control over your choices and better enables you to create physical, mental, and spiritual wealth. Be inspired to get on your mat each day, learn to practice safely and intelligently, and best of all this book lovingly directs you to keep remembering your spiritual quest, nudging you to make the daily journey inward to the soul of yoga--to be ever engaged in the process of small and great self-discovery."
David Garrigues
Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher & Creator of The Asana Kitchen Video Tutorials
"It has been an honour to support and observe the deep unfoldment's of Linda and Gerald's practice and teaching methodology, and to see the garden of information blossom into this book of a workable, sustainable, Astanga Vinyasa practice. It's all here! Not only to get you started but to help you progress in a highly-detailed way on your yoga journey. A true harvest of the most luxurious and fragrant flowers of guidance and wisdom…bravo!"
Marla Meenaski Joy
Co-owner of Downward Dog Yoga Center, Toronto