Postural Yoga

Healthy posture is essential for the energy to move freely through our body and keep away aches and pains. It also affects how we present ourselves in the world and can reflect how we feel emotionally. Even how we breathe can be altered by how we hold ourselves. In yoga, it is said we are made up of five layers: the body, the breath/energy, the mind/emotions, the intellect/higher mind, and our bliss body. When we work on one, it will affect the others.

In this class the focus will be learning to feel the body from the inside out and where it is in the space around us. We bring awareness to the inner core line, bringing balance to two aspects of yoga: stability and ease. There are no poses on the wrists or knees and no sun salutations, making it a great class for those new to yoga and anyone with injuries who need to slow down and bring mindfulness to their movements.

Experienced practitioners tend to enjoy the class from time to time as a reminder of what we aim to achieve as we flow through Ashtanga or Vinyasa sequences.

The class is open to all levels. Linda gives this class both in person and online.