Pranayama + Ashtanga

Pranayama techniques are special practices working with the breath. In this class we start with kriyas (cleansing exercises) that facilitate smooth, deep breathing and then we explore different pranayama exercises. This part of the class is about 25 minutes.

The second part of the class is a guided Ashtanga practice (open to all levels except beginners). The class is mostly flowing through a portion of the primary series however, we may skip some poses to have the ability to explore different portions of the series each week. Also, we can take time to go into detail about particular poses or actions – how to do them with anatomical alignment, using props or variations to promote health, healing and mindfulness within the Ashtanga practice. It’s a great class for those with a regular practice to have the opportunity to do a semi-workshop each week. Or those who don’t do the full primary but wish to try poses throughout the series in a safe manner.

Linda gives this class both in person and online.